Why Campus Ministry Matters

Campus ministry had a wonderfully positive impact on my college experience. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, getting to meet people and play music. Mission trips to Texas and Minnesota enabled me to do good with others and get to know them better. These aspects provided a great environment for exploring my faith. I'm glad to have been a part of the group.
- Christian Schleif
UCM has been a huge part of my college career. It has been a place to relax, focus, meet friends, and grow as individuals through our faith fellowship, and service in the community. Through it all, I grew as a person in Christ, I have made friends that will last a lifetime, and I have discovered my strengths. It’s been fun, and I’m so thankful I was able to be a part of this amazing ministry.
- Lydia Fritsche
Campus ministry matters because of the fellowship and worshiping that brings together college students. The ministry provides a place for students to get to know each other and learn about the word of God. At United Campus Ministry there are many opportunities for just that. The weekly worship services involve students as some students sing or play musical instruments. Other activities include the weekly game nights. Even in this time of social isolation some students have continued game nights on video conferencing software. The friendships made in campus ministry will continue after college.
- Aaron Ray
Campus ministry matters because it builds community. UCM has provided an environment in which I can share my faith and do good work. We do a lot to reach out to students and the greater community, but we also build connections with each other. Being a member of this ministry had made me feel like I always have a place to go if I need help, even if I'm just feeling alone, and that means a whole lot.
- Allison Singh
UCM has been an important part of my college experience. This ministry has allowed me to grow in my faith with people that I can now call my friends. There have been times that I have questioned my faith; however, UCM has led me back every time. I’m so grateful to have such an amazing pastor and friends that I can always rely on.
- Morgan Wadkins-Meyers
Campus Ministry matters to me because it has me to grow in all aspects of my life. Through it, I have grown in my faith with all the outreaches, mission trips, and bible studies. My leadership skills have grown by helping to run various activities and serving on the UCM  board. The UCM has also provided me with opportunities to grow in my career of wanting to be a teacher by helping me land a camp counseling position at Camp Comeca in Cozad. Finally, it has helped me to make memories and friends that will last a lifetime. Now I know, what it truly means to be brothers and sisters in Christ.
- Megan Hawks
I got involved in campus ministry my freshman year. UCM has been a home away from home ever since I got involved. It has given me an opportunity to grow in my faith and meet a lot of people with similar beliefs. I have gotten many opportunities to get out of my comfort zone and try new things like speaking in front of a congregation. It has also led me to getting a job at a summer camp. It is really nice having a place to go where you feel you are a part of something good and where you can hang out with friends and help each other when we need it.
- Madison Sanders
Campus ministry is an important resource for college students because it allows them to not only spend time with other people their age that they share similar beliefs and attitudes with, but also gives them a spiritual touchstone, and provides them a good support system in the absence of their family and friends if they’re now really far away. It gives students a place to go to socialize with their peers, help other people, and also gives them an opportunity to be part of something bigger than they were perhaps expecting to when they came to college.
- Rae Johnson